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5 Axis Machining Capabilities [Product Image] Computer Aided Machining of the Titanium Fork shown above

Jaco's Quality Control system is approved by the U.S. Government, and most major Aerospace contractors.  But that's only the beginning of Jaco's commitment to quality. We maintain a fully equipped quality assurance department with specialized equipment such as optical comparators, profileometer, air gauges, and a coordinate measuring machine to name a few. 

Our entire facility is climate controlled year round.  We've also invested in state of the art CAD/CAM programming systems, as well as computerized materials management, inventory and accounting systems.  And lastly, all of our subcontracted services and special processing is performed only by reputable customer approved suppliers, in strict accordance to customer or Mil specifications.

Quality System Approvals

Boeing D6-82479 Appendix B
Lockheed Martin LMARO QCS-001
US Army QE-STD-1

Pending Quality System Certifications


Tolerances and Sizes

Milling Maximum Part size: 32" x 22" x 25"  Call for details.
Turning Maximum Part size: 15" diameter x 72" length  Call for details.
Assemblies Maximum size: 120" x 45" x 45" Call for details.
Tolerances as close as + - .000050 are regularly held

Milling (Mills) Equipment List and Capabilities

Various state of the art, high-speed, computerized machining centers...
Approximate Maximum Part size: 32" x 22" x 25"  Call for details.
Mori-Seiki NH4000 DCG Horizontal Machining Center
Mori-Seiki SV-50 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Mori-Seiki MV45 CNC High Speed Machining Center 
(2) Kitamura MyCenter-1 CNC High Speed Machining Centers
Shizoka CND Machining Center
(9) Conventional Shizoka and Bridgeport vertical and horizontal mills

Turning (Lathes) Equipment List and Capabilities

Various state of the art, high-speed, computerized turning centers...
Approximate Maximum Part size: 15" diameter x 72" length
Mori-Seiki SL-35B CNC with Mortic Controls 
Mori-Seiki SL-25B CNC with Mortic Controls 
Mori-Seiki SL-3 CNC with Fanuc Controls 
(2) Mori-Seiki SL-15 High Speed, bar feed, CNC with Fanuc Controls 
Mori-Seiki TL-5B/1000 CNC with Fanuc Controls 
(8) Conventional Mori-Seiki, Hardinge, and Southbend lathes of all types.

Specialized Equipment

Boyar-Shultz Surface Grinders
Sunnen Honing Machines
Various horizontal, vertical, cut-off saws

Quality Assurance Equipment

Fully furnished Quality Assurance department with all necessary gauges
Mitutoyo AE122 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 
Statistical Process Control (SPC) capabilities
Optical comparators
Tool Gage Calibration tracking software

Materials Experience

All types of aircraft grade alloys and stainless steels
All grades of aluminum alloys
Exotics such as titanium, Inconel, etc.
Plastics such as Nylon, Delrin, Teflon, etc.
Castings, forgings, extrusions, stampings, bar and plate stocks

Assembly Methods Capabilities

Welding, brazing dip and conventional brazing
Press fit, mechanical fastener assembly, riveting, safety wiring
Bearing installation and staking
Rubber to metal bonding
Adhesive bonding
IUID / UID Part Marking per Mil-Std-130 is supported
Mil-STD-129 RFID Tagging is supported

Specialized Machining Capabilities

In addition to conventional and CNC machining, we also can provide the following:
Surface grinding, OD grinding between centers and centerless
Broaching, gear cutting, knurling, thread rolling, spline and keyway cutting
Electron Discharge Machining (EDM) both sinker and wire
Laser and water cutting
Deep hole or gundrilling
Lapping, honing, deburring
Metal stamping
Tube bending and forming
Engraving, laser marking.

Specialized Testing

All types of Non Destructive Testing such as:
X-Ray, ultrasonic, dye-penetrate, eddy current, etc..
Various types of Destructive Testing such as:
Pull and shear testing of materials, chemical analysis, hardness testing, environmental

Specialized Processes, Plating, Finishing, and Painting

Material heat treatment, annealing, cold cycle stabilize, etc.
Shot peen, passivation
Various types of coatings and plating such as:
Chemical film, cadmium and zinc plating, anodizing, Dri-Lube, Teflon Coating
Powder coat, Ion Vapor Deposit, Titanium coating
Painting to various Aerospace and Mil specifications using NADCAP suppliers
Electro polishing
Chrome plating both hard and cosmetic

Production Support Systems and Equipment

I-Deas Master Series 6 Computer Modeling (CAD), IGES format supported
Camand 4 & 5 Axis Full Simultaneous Programming (CAM)
Vista Production Control and Materials Management Software Systems
Finished goods and "spares" inventory databases
Vista Job Costing and Accounting database systems
Secure high speed computer data network, individual email, high speed internet.
Secure high speed wireless internet access point for visiting customers and guests.

Staffing Teams

Office accounting team
Shipping and receiving team
Shop Foreperson and Plant General Manager team
Sales and Marketing / Bidding and Estimating / Contracts Administration team
In-house CAD/CAM programming staff
Quality Assurance team
Senior Management, Marketing and Finance team

A Partial Customer List

ATK Ordinance
Boeing Helicopters
Disneyland Resort
Eaton Aerospace
Goodrich Corporation
Lockheed Martin
MD Helicopters
Northrop Grumman
Rockwell Collins
U.S. Department of Defense (CAGE 1H427), US Army
More references on request.


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