Industries Served: Precision Machining is our Core Business

Precision machining, custom made to order machined parts to your supplied drawings and specifications is our core business.

If you require prototype, short run, or larger volume production runs Jaco can handle the task. We excel at the manufacturing of small or medium sized complex machined parts. Generally of a size one might hold with their hands.

Our seasoned team of manufacturing engineers and machinists routinely work with those tough to machine aircraft alloys common in our industry. We work with heat treated and hardened metals, bar and plate stock as well as castings and forgings.

We also can supply to you a complete item. Should your part require any specialized finishing, plating or processing, NDT and assembled components we can get it done. Finishes such as prime and paint, anodize or plating such as hard chrome, dry lube, or others can be completed as well from our approved supplier base. It your part needs bearings, bushings, fasteners, and any testing we can do that too.

We also routinely work with foundries, heat treaters, metal suppliers and testing labs. And any non-destructive or testing, identification and specialized packaging can be furnished as well. And, if the part requires specialty machining, such as gear cutting, EDM machining, splines, grinding, broaching, rolled threads, gun drilling, welding or brazing, can be supply that as well.

Below are The industries we have served:


Jaco has proudly supplied precision machined parts to most every major Aerospace Prime contractor since the 1960's. Our parts have flown on commercial aircraft and helicopter systems as structural or landing gear components.

Some Benefits from Sourcing with Jaco:

  • All work is completed and certified to customer, industry specifications.
  • We provide one-stop-shopping for your components needs. From supplying the raw material to final packaging, we can furnish the part ready to assemble.
  • High quality rating and reputation. Quality is always our first priority.
  • Able to support delivery of products for your just-in-time needs.
  • AS9100 Registered and routinely audited.


Space The Jaco team is proud to know that many of our parts have left the Earth and have visited other worlds never to return. Jaco precision machined parts have flown on many manned and unmanned space programs such as Ranger, Voyager, Pathfinder, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle, ISS, SpaceX, Orion/SLS and other programs over the years.

Defense is our Niche

Jaco is a proud supplier supporting the US Warfighter and our allies. We have manufactured parts or mechanical assemblies for use on many fixed wing, rotary winged, unmanned aircraft, armored vehicles and systems such as the AH-64, B-2, F-16, F-18, B1B, T-35, F5, F117, C17, Striker, Bushmaster, M1 Abrams and many other programs.

Why We are Good at Defense:

  • Experienced working to Mil Specs and most all Prime contractor's quality specifications.
  • Fully staffed to deal with the “unique paperwork” that seems to go along with Defense related parts.
  • Processes in place to manage to provide product traceability for Flight Critical serialized components for complete traceability.
  • Approved and in place cost accounting system to comply with DFARS or customer costing or bidding requirements.
  • Dedicated Customer Support staff assigned to select accounts.
  • Compliance to Department of State ITAR and industry security regulations.
  • Registered with the US Dept. of State as a US Defense Contractor, and also JST registered.
  • Familiar with the unique needs of Defense Contractors; such as supporting customer quality audits, furnished planning documents for approval, supporting DFARS rating systems, supporting serialized components, etc.
  • US Defense contractor CAGE code 1H427
  • Support for military style packaging, identification, RFID packaging, UID marking.